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Hey Ma! Look! My Pubes!

pubic_big-763083.jpgHere’s some advice to our readers out there in QuizLaw land, and listen good: Don’t ever fuck with a restaurant cook. You’d think this would be obvious; you’d think it was just common sense. If your food sucks, eat it anyway. Or don’t. But don’t send it back. For the love of God, don’t ever send it back. You never know what you’ll get in return, but more times than not, there will be something in your food — saliva, semen, trace amounts of excrement —- that you shouldn’t be putting in your mouth.

Of course, most of the time, cooks/waitresses are smart enough not to make it obvious. Not so with a Wisconsin man, Ryan Kropp, a Texas Roadhouse cook who became displeased with a customer when the customer insisted on sending his steak back. Kropp refused to comp him, but he was nice enough to make him a new steak to send home. With his public hairs inside.

The customer took the steak to the po-po, and now poor Kropp — who was just doing what human nature requires — is facing three-and-a-half years prison. Apparently, placing foreign objects in edibles is a felony. But don’t think that’s going to dissuade your cook.

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It was actually his facial hair, and not his pubes. At some point somebody exaggerated and tole the media pubes, and we (Texas Roadhouse) have been trying to get them to correct it ever since. Of course pubes makes it a much more interesting story, so it's been difficult.

Now even with facial hair, it's still inexcusable, so we fired the guy and another cook who saw him do it and didn't say anything.

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public hairs?

Well, kate, they did end up being from his face.

I thought the news story said he didn't want to send it back but the manager insisted