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Honestly, It Was Probably Worth It

f4o2op.jpgHow good is The Dark Knight? Good enough to leave your baby in the car to attend a screening:

A dad was booked into jail under suspicion of second-degree child abuse after leaving his son in his car while he watched the midnight showing of “The Dark Knight.” David Farnham, 23, of Salt Lake City left his 2-year-old son inside his car in the parking lot of the Century 16 Theaters on Saturday night.
An onlooker walking by the car at 1:22 a.m. on Sunday saw the baby inside the vehicle crying and sweating profusely, said detective Gary Keller with the South Salt Lake City Police Department.
Farnham rolled the windows up in the car “so the child could not be taken out,” according to a jail booking statement. The temperature inside the vehicle was 87 degrees, the statement added.
Farnham was located inside of the theater and the boy was taken out of the car. The boy was thirsty, but otherwise in good condition, Keller said.

See, dude. This is why God invented duct tape. That way, you can leave the little fella at home, comfortable in the knowledge that he’s not getting into trouble or, you know, revealing your douchebaggery to passers-by.

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Pajiba has been really pushing this movie. That jerkoff probably read your glowing reviews and could not rest without seeing the movie. Therefore, by modern logic, all Pajibans who reviewed and/or endorsed this movie are responsible for what happened to the baby. I hope you're proud, Dustin. (Jerkoff should really try this as his defense)