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Hmm … Are We Going too Far?

Genarlow-Wilson.jpgWe’ve been huge supporters here at QuizLaw for the overturning of Genarlow Barlow’s prison sentence, and we were extremely happy to see that the George Supreme Court overturned the 10-year sentence on grounds that it was cruel and unusual. Clearly, a 10-year sentence for consensual sex is ridiculous.

But whoa now. Over the weekend, Genarlow Wilson was greeted with a standing ovation and was awarded with the NCAAP’s Staying the Course Youth Award. He was being celebrated as a hero — a model for youth. And now don’t get me wrong: I applaud the kid for fighting the sentence. That he stuck it out until the sentencing decision was reversed is admirable.

But a role model? Lest we forget why Wilson was convicted in the first place. Sure — the sex he had with an underage girl was consensual, buuut, he received oral sex and had vaginal intercourse with a drunk 15-year-old girl, on tape. Is that really someone we want to hold up as a role model for the yougins? What’s the message here? If you videotape yourself having sex with a drunk 15 year old you’ll be a hero if you reduce your sentence? Is that something we want to encourage?

In either respect, congrats to Genarlow, but dude: I hope when you accept these awards, you also admit that the only reason why you were put in this situation in the first place was because you fucked up. Big time.

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Though I understand your criticism of this award... what exactly did Wilson do wrong here? also, I do not believe he had vaginal intercourse with the 15 year old girl...

I do understand that the incident... is bad, but that does not make the person... Im sure you or others have had moments that we all would not want to come into the light... Wilson was star athlete, had a scholarship to an excellent school... etc... he is a role model, imo... especially for surviving and persevering through this ordeal... one incident does not make the person

What Heem said.