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The Stupidest Prison Sentence. Ever.

3024_KellyR.jpgAll right, it’s hard to parse the actual details of the case – since it’s sexual in nature, and appears in a mainstream newspaper – but I have to believe (as do even his critics) that Genarlow Wilson got royally fucked. During a New Year’s Eve party a few years ago, he got stoned, he got high, and he eventually had consensual oral sex with a 15-year-old girl that was caught on tape. For that, he was charged and convicted of child molestation and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Under normal circumstances, I might not think twice about the sentence – fucking around with 15-year-olds, even if it was consensual, ain’t cool. The kicker, however, is that Wilson was only 17-years-old himself. That’s right – Wilson engaged in an act that most teenage boys engage in, with another consensual teenager. And he’s being held for ten years with no chance of parole. So, what’s the difference between Wilson’s case and every other 17-year-old boy in America? Well, one, it was videotaped. Two, there were several others guys who also received blow jobs. Three, it was in Georgia, where there laws are stupid. And four, he was black – never mind that he was a solid student, homecoming king, and a football star – skin color trumps all.

Today, after serving two years of his sentence, he is trying to get his conviction overturned, and there are a lot of folks, including former President Jimmy Carter, who are backing him. In fact, a couple of years ago, the Georgia legislature even changed the law to make what Wilson did a misdemeanor. No matter – the district attorney of Forsyth Georgia apparently has got some serious pride issues, and he’s probably also a racist douchebag to boot, a charge he denies:

[District Attorney David] McDade said race did not play a role in Wilson’s case, pointing out that all of the defendants and both victims are black.

“I said early on in this case if I or this office had turned our heads and looked the other way when these two young ladies and their families cried out for help,” he said, “I would have justifiably been accused of putting a deaf ear to African-American victims.”

I hear that Dave — but 10 years? And it’s not like the plea he offered was much better: Five years in the clink, plus Wilson’s name in the sex offender registry for the rest of his life. Thank God the consensual 15-year old girl wasn’t white, otherwise you’d have probably asked for the death penalty. Right?

And yet, R. Kelly – who once married a 15-year-old, who had sexual intercourse with a minor that he videotaped (oh, and urinated on) and who faces countless sex charges – still roams free, polluting the airwaves with his shitty music. Of course, R. Kelly is a different case all together – he’s the greatest black man that ever lived, at least according to him:

“I’m the Ali of today. I’m the Marvin Gaye of today. I’m the Bob Marley of today. I’m the Martin Luther King, or all the other greats that have come before us. And a lot of people are starting to realize that now.”

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I keep reminding people that Nelson Mandela is still alive. Or did I miss a fairly important news story? Curse you, Fox News!

And just where is Sonny Perdue??? That said, I do think the kid should get a little more time for the video. So, how about instead of 30 days probation, he gets 60?

The other kicker is this: had he had intercourse with her it would've only been a misdemeanor to begin with (even before the 2006 amendments). Intercourse, with all of it's attendant dangers(i.e. pregnancy)= misdemeanor statutory rape, oral sex= 10 years in the clink.

I love the land here in the south. I hate the people. People who do not understand the element of correction in the title Dept. of Corrections. Why do we even call it that? What do we do to help anyone in prison? It's much easier to slide the door shut and let the madness that is prison life engulf all inmates, even those who might have been incredible men and women on the outside. Yes, 10 years, that will fix everything.

So what is the problem with this case? The kid had his day in court and he lost. Granted the punishment is pretty eff'ing harsh for the crime, but I'll play Devil's Advocate here. No matter if the sex was consensual, that fact remains, the girl was only 15 years old. Not even old enough to drive a care, while the boy is almost old to enough to vote. Additionally the fact the act was video taped, while under the influence of an illegal drug, clearly shows a severe lack of respect for himself, for the victims, and for the law.

What is up with point number 3 and point number 4? All the principals in the case are black, so how can the race card played? And it being in Georgia? I suppose in your state, filming a sexual act with a minor while under the influence of an illegal drug, should not be punished? Glad I don't have daughters and live in your state. Ok, enough the Devil's Advocate.

Personally, I agree the kid got screwed over. Two years probation would have been a more fitting punishment, since it was consensual and he was also a minor.