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He’s not just a pig, he’s a greedy pig

greedy-pig.jpgMichigan police officer David Kanapsky figured out a way to get himself a nice fat pay check. Last year, he wrote a whopping 2,347 tickets for stop sign violations, turning those tickets into lots of court appearances and hefty overtime payments. Coupled with his other ticket-related overtime, he made over twenty-one grand in overtime, raising his total pay to over $80,000 for the year.

Two-thousand three-hundred and forty-seven tickets. That’s almost nine tickets a day. With that many folks blowing through stop signs, Warren, Michigan must be one of the least-safe places to drive in the country.

That, or officer Kanapsky is a fraudulent bastard.

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Only 9 tickets per day? I see that many violations just on my way to work.