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He’s a mother’s dream, he is

tb_con.jpgThe guy on the left is Jordan Gann, and he wants to get in your panties. He is a con artist who has been loving and leaving single women for quite some time. Unfortunately, this dumbass Don Juan messed up when he tried to pass himself off as both a doctor and a lawyer within a half-hour.

Gann went into Hattricks Tavern in downtown Tampa on Sunday, telling the general manager that he was a lawyer in town on a case. He expressed that he wanted to throw a party at the bar, claiming that he needed full drinks and buffet for about 150 people, and wanted to spend $15,000 on the shindig.

Later, the manager, James Bronte, came in and found out about the supposed party. He knew something was fishy with this guy’s story right away, since Hattricks was a small bar and someone tossing around 5-digit figures for such a party wasn’t exactly common. He asked the guy for a business card, and Gann replied that he did not have one. Then he slipped up and said his name was “Dr. Shawn Cohen”, despite earlier introducing himself as a lawyer.

Bronte, now really suspicious, did what any reasonable person would do: he had the guy wait, went up to his office, and Googled the name. It showed a recent story on Gann and his activities, and even included a very helpful photo, which looked exactly like the purported Dr. Cohen. Bronte called the Tampa police, who came right away. Gann knew the jig was up and went peacefully.

Turns out that Mr. Gann had swindled numerous women in Arizona, Philly, and New Hampshire before ending up in Florida. One victim, Meredith Gavin of Orlando, was not only scammed out of $1000, but says Gann may be the father of her 3-year-old autistic son, Liam.

I must say, the story is a little light on the stupidity, but you think this guy could keep his covers straight for 20 minutes. I am just happy I finally got a Florida story on QuizLaw. I feel so official now.

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Wait, lying to women to get them in bed is a crime? Crap, this changes things.