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Here comes the bride … into the courthouse

engagement-ring.jpgDean Kuehnen Jr. was all set to marry Andria Castellano. Last December, the two then-21-year-olds got engaged, and Kuehnen gave Castellano a hefty 3.23-carat engagement ring worth a whopping $48,000. But this past September, the wedding was called off (the news story, unfortunately, fails to give us the reason for the called-off nuptials).

You can surely see where this is going - Kuehnen is now suing Castellano to either get the ring back or to get a nice $48,000 check (along with his legal fees and costs). Castellano has refused to return the ring, and even threatened to destroy it.

Kuehnen says the two had an agreement that she would return the ring in the event that the wedding was called off. The Emily Post Institute, which provides etiquette and manners advice, also says that a bride should immediately return an engagement ring in this situation, unless the ring is an heirloom of the bride’s family. Since that doesn’t appear to be the case here, it would seem that Castellano is failing to show proper etiquette and manners. Whore.

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According to Ann Landers (or was it Dear Abby?), if the guy broke off the engagement, she gets to keep the ring; if she called it quits, she has to return the ring.

Anyhow--how can two 21-years olds afford a $48k ring?

If this is the same story, the ex-bride to be is the daughter of a mob boss, or so I'm told.

I do believe there are actually laws about this in more than a few states.

who makes an agreement like that?

"Honey, will you marry me? Oh, and if we decide we DON'T love each other, I want this back, kay?"