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Happy Halloween, Denny!


I turned on the Democratic Debates last night and managed to watch nearly twenty whole minutes before the glint from a penny on my office floor distracted me. Man — these debates are punishing, especially now that everyone is taking swipes at Hillary. I got no problem with the idea, but come on, fellas: Use a swear word or show a little goddamn charisma. I don’t care — just say something really substantive, instead of delivering the bits of your stump speech that coincide with the question.

However, there was one interesting moment last night: We told you last week that Denny Kucinich, who ironically is currently questioning Bush’s mental health, apparently saw a UFO while he was hanging out with Shirley MacClaine. During the debate last night, Tim Russert actually asked Denny about it (though, he had the audacity to preface it with, “This is a serious question”) and Kucinich’s answer, as well as Obama’s follow-up, were the highlights of last night’s debate. Check out the video:

And I also ran across this video of Bill Clinton, standing up to one of those 9/11 Truthers during a speech last week. God, it just makes you miss Bill all the more when you contrast him with the options on the stage last night, huh?

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another member of the Royal Family speaks. Pompous he is.

A piece of me really wants Kucinich to be our next president, just because the next 4 years would be so amusing! Did anyone else catch him on the Colbert Report? You have to admit that he's a good sport... and has a hot wife!