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Greta’s Hansel Arrested in New Year’s Robbery

HanselAndGretel.jpgThis guy apparently has bread crumb dyslexia.

A messy thief was arrested after a trail of popcorn kernels led police from a burglarized store to the suspect’s living room.
California Police say a Food Stop store was robbed early New Year’s day, when officers found several food items and a cash register missing. They also found popcorn on the ground that led away from the store to a nearby apartment complex and trailed to one unit in particular.
When officers knocked, they noticed the popcorn kernels continued inside the apartment, where the other stolen property was also found. 21-year-old Tyree Brown was arrested for a theft warrant and possession of stolen property.

Dude — you’re doing it wrong. Or maybe he’d planned on robbing the convenience store again the next day and wanted to remember how to get back. I just hope the cops don’t try to stick him in an oven.

Oh, and as if you had to ask: Florida.

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That particular news report is from Florida, but the incident actually happened in California. *sigh*