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Good to know that “stupid political correctness BS” can travel across the ocean

pc.jpgEngland’s Justice Ministry has drafted legislation that would strip the term “prostitute” from all of the country’s criminal statutes. And the wonderful reason behind this is simply that the Ministry thinks the word has too much of a stigma. The label of “common prostitute” has been around since 1824 and is “a bit outdated,” said a Ministry spokeswoman. Plus, she said, “it just wasn’t really helpful to label people.”

So under this bill’s proposal, prostitutes would now be referred to as “persons who sell sex persistently,” with “persistently” meaning they sell sex two or more times in a three month span.

This is beyond idiotic. They’ve taken a simple word and replaced it with legal mumbo-jumbo. And now there’s a loophole - if you only sell sex once every three months, you’re not a criminal prostitute. You’re just an entrepreneur!

When I first read this story, I turned to the British woman who happened to be in my office at that very moment, and asked her if she could explain what the hell was going on with her country.

She had no response.

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I'm an entrepreneur! Yessss!!

Btw, that graphic is nine kinds of awesome.

That picture rules.

If that makes you an entrepreneur, I am severely underemployed.

I don't know what is going on over here. We used to be a fairly straight-talking peoples. I think PC has it's place- anything that encourages people to consider the fact that their behaviour towards others based on race, gender etc may be appallingly foul is a good thing- but sometimes I just wonder... What the hell drugs is our government on, cause they are apparently truly fantastic.