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Ah, Philly, I really miss you sometimes

phillyPD.jpgNorberto Cappas was a Philly police officer. First of all, I love the name Norberto. That’s just great. Second of all, please note that I saw “was.” See, on Tuesday, a police tribunal found him “guilty of conduct unbecoming an officer and lying during a departmental investigation,” which means he ain’t no longer a cop. And what did the former man in blue do?

Well back in 2003, he stopped by a jail cell where two women were being held (they were brought in on suspicion of having drugs, but no charges were ever filed). He then ordered them to put on a sex show for him, demanding that they kiss and fondle each other and show him their boobs.

And god bless Philly PD’s internal affairs - they never did anything with this case until last year, when the Philadelphia Inquirer started pestering them to find out what was up.

Of course, the real tragedy here is that Norberto didn’t even give the gals some singles or some beads after they complied with his “show me your tits” demand. …Ingrate.