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God Save the Queen

britFlag.jpgOver in London, a British cop found himself in court and facing criminal charges over a sexual dalliance. Massoud Khan had found a lady friend on an internet site catered to uniformed professionals. Khan and his gal pal wound up getting it on in a room at the Gatwick Airport police station, and this is what led to his criminal trial. I guess his superiors didn’t like the fact that he was scrumping while on duty.

But get this - he was acquitted of any criminal wrongdoing because during the whole sexual encounter, he was always ready to respond to any emergency:

The jury quickly came to a unanimous verdict as the policeman proved he was able to respond to all emergencies as he was equipped with an earpiece tuned in to the police radio frequency.
“If there was a call for me, I would have answered it and I would have dealt with it,” he told the court, according to the Times newspaper.