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Get bent, Oceonography man

evolution.jpgNathanial Abraham used to work for the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. He’s now suing the Institution over being fired back in 2004, claiming that his civil rights were violated. But here’s the thing — Abraham was fired because he’s a Creationist who doesn’t believe in evolution, and he was refusing to work on research which included “evolutionary aspects.”

Which means that his firing was, of course, 100% justified. I’m sorry — all you crazy Creationists can believe whatever nonsense you want. But when you’re working for an actual scientific institution as a biologist, well, you just can’t do your job if you don’t “believe” in evolution. This isn’t religious discrimination, it’s discrimination against pig-headed idiocy.

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if you cant take a challenge to your faith you obviously have it as a fear protectant, not truly faith.

this guy does not deserve his job.

Lots of scientists disagree on all kinds of theories. It's a little extreme, but if evolution is still a theory, I say, write me a solid paper about an alternate theory Mr. Creationist.

I don't know JACK SHIT about the law but it seems to me that if you think sodium is healthy, and I think sodium is unhealthy, we should each still have the right to hold down jobs at the salt lick.

Dear Sarah:

Kiss my ass. Using ignorance disguised religios faith as a defense to keep a science job is bullshit.

Respectfully submitted,



You both have the right to work at the salt lick. However if the sodium is unhealthy believer stopped doing actual work because of his belief that salt is unhealthy then there isn't any reason to keep him around anymore now is there?

I think this issue is heavily clouded by misuse of the term "theory". In scientific setting, a "theory" is a logically self-consistent model or framework for describing the behavior of a related set of natural or social phenomena. It originates from or is supported by experimentation as opposed to the more common everyday usage of an unsubstantiated guess or hunch. Evolution is a scientific theory. Creationism is at best a personal belief. A possible better analogy would be a cab driver refusing to allow drunk or intoxicated passengers due to the cabbie's religious beliefs.