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From our readers’ mouths to your eyes

mailbag.jpgBack to the QuizLaw mailbag, for two more stories from the readers, we go.

First, reader Dawn B. sends us the story of a Georgia teenager who’s been arrested and charged for biting or grabbing the asses of at least 10 women at his local Wal-Mart. Always leaping at a new opportunity, Wal-Mart has now announced a new line of ass cushions which its shoppers can rent for the bargain price of $1, to protect their tushies from such trouble-making youngins.

And from an Australian reader of ours who blogs over at The Stumblng Tumblr (you know, we have a surprisingly large Australian readership — y’all just like mocking us silly Americans from down under?) comes the tale of a brilliant Kiwi (i.e., New Zealander) who tried to pay for food with weed when he realized he was out of money. But dumb luck for him — the guy right behind him in line was a cop, in uniform, and our doped-up Kiwi was promptly arrested for possession.