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“Flowers are love’s truest language”

blue-flowers.jpgElana Glatt must be a pleasure to be married to. She was recently married in New York, with centerpiece flowers provided by Posy Floral Design. There were apparently quite a few flowers provided by Posy, as the total bill was almost a whopping thirty grand. But thirty grand of flowers wasn’t good enough for Glatt, because they were the wrong. Damn. Color.

Glatt says she ordered rust and green colored centerpieces, but got pastel pink and green flowers instead. The horror! Plus, she says they were wilted and old and sitting in nasty vases without sufficient water.

So, naturally, she’s now suing the florist.

Snarkiness aside, I actually don’t have a problem with this in principal - if Posy promised a certain type of flower, and instead provided shitty quality flowers of a different color, fine. That’s a breach of contract. (Although the florist claims that told Glatt they might not be able to provide colors exactly matching the photograph she provided, so maybe her claim isn’t even that cut and dry.) But. Glatt is seeking over $400,000 (!) in damages, which is absolutely preposterous. Almost half-a-million over flowers at her wedding? Come on!

And, shockingly, Glatt is a lawyer. As the florist put it: “My father used to tell me, ‘Don’t deal with the lawyers.’ … Maybe he was right, God bless his soul.” Amen, brother.