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Floridian Tennis

graham-brunson.jpgNo, no, you got it all wrong. This guy here isn’t some beat up loser. Because this comes from Florida, so he’s a winner. A winner, I says.

Don’t believe me? Dig it.

Graham Brunson was chilling out at Bayfront Inn, a local bar. He got a bit rambunctious, “yelling obscenities and disturbing customers at the bar, according to an arrest report.” So security asked Brunson to leave and Brunson did what any reasonable man would do. He took a piss on the bar.


The police showed up and, rather than taking it like a man, Brunson ran. He was found hiding in the pushes and he ran again. Cause that’s how he rolls.


He was caught again, but he wasn’t going down without a fight. No sir. So he fought. Sure, he may have lost the physical battle. But moral victory was his.


See? Winner!