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Evolution Hasn’t Caught Up with Everyone

pepper-spray.jpgUsually, we find dryly written stories about stupid people that we have to punch up ourselves. But God bless Thomas Lake over on TampaBay.com, as he did all the work for us:

Humans survived the last several millennia through hunting and gathering, adaptation to habitat and generally heeding the self-preservation instinct. This instinct warned your ancestors to avoid many things, including black water and wounded rattlesnakes, and in recent years it has expanded to advise you against blinding your driver with pepper spray while your car rolls through public streets.
But this instinct bows to free will.
Especially with a nudge from alcohol.

Lake is referring to Janine Marie Kelly, who got in a fight with her boyfriend while he was driving with her two young children were in the car. Apparently, she got so enraged during the argument that she pulled out a canister of pepper spray and doused him.

Good idea, Captain Genius.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.