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Everybody Must Get Drunk

pot-leaf.jpgVaune Dillmann is just trying to sell some beer, man. And the Northern California man is proud of the fact that he brews the beer in the little town of Weed, California. So he thought he’d have a little fun, and printed up his beer bottle caps to say “try legal weed.” Joke’s on him, however, says the state Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. As far as they’re concerned, this might mislead folks about the beer.

So, what, they think the consuming public is one giant idiot? (Probably true, but that’s for another day.)

Meanwhile, the town of Weed still has a sign on the road out which says “Temporarily Out of Weed,” and another sign that reads “100 Percent Pure Weed.” While the Bureau is considering Dillmann’s appeal, I don’t imagine they’ll find this persuasive evidence that they should change their no-fun-loving ways.