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Even when in-laws aren’t your in-laws, they still suck

the-in-laws.jpgMike Oberthaler and Jennifer Wilson were engaged to be married this September. But sometime last year, the two got into a pretty big fight, and when Jennifer came home to find her shit tossed all about her apartment, that was it — she moved out and the wedding was off. All well and good, but for the fact that she’s now being sued by her almost future mother-in-law for part of the down payment on the reception hall where the wedding was going to be held.

Jennifer says Mike’s mom is simply suing her for $1,100 out of spite, while Mike says that Jennifer had agreed to split the cost of the reception hall and pay his mom back. What about the part where Mike agreed not to be an asshole, tossing his wife-to-be’s shit all around the apartment? You must be proud, Mama Oberthaler.

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if little bitch wife-to-be would have kept her pants on while engaged to mama oberthaler's son, perhaps her stuff would not have been thrown about the apartment in an attempt to get it out of oberthaler's apartment!! The press doesn't always tell the whole story you morons.