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Best Lawsuit of All Time

time-warner-cable.jpgI’m not one to use hyperbole often, but seriously, I live in LA and I’m here to tell you that Time Warner Cable mother-fucking buuuuuh-lows. So the fact that the City Attorney’s Office has filed a lawsuit against the monolithic company for allegedly breaching its franchise agreement with the city? Best mother fucking lawsuit since Brown v. Board of Education. (What? Cable and equal opportunity aren’t the same thing? Show’s what you know!).

The suit says the company failed to live up to its part of the franchise cable agreement requiring that a company answer subscribers’ calls within 30 seconds and begin repairs of service interruptions within 24 hours of notification in 90% of its calls for service. The suit claims that no more than 60% of customer service calls were answered in time.
Service also was sub-par, the suit says, quoting a brochure saying that if a customer needed a service appointment, technicians would “fix the problem fast.” Instead, technicians failed to show up on time to appointments to fix outages, the suit says.

Shit, I’ve probably called Time Warner a good 5 times since moving back to LA seven months ago, and I’ve never had a call answered in less than about 10 minutes, and I had technicians fail to show up twice. Fuck you TWC! Long and hard, with no interruption of service.

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my parents live in LA and have TW, and they do indeed blow. so hard in fact they don't. cause thats how much they "suck", they won't even blow.

or something like that.

We had to have our cable box replaced three times in one year. And sometimes the cable just "goes out" for no reason. No, really. Call their customer service line or talk to the guys who come to your house to fix it. Sometimes it just doesn't work.

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i'm sorry, i worked for charter customer service for a year and it's totally automatic by now.

thank you for your time today, if you have any questions regarding this call or any other charter services in your area, please give us a call at 888-438-2427. thank you and have a great night.


i can even say it in spanish.

(btw, charter blows, so i'd actually advise against getting it. no joke. we really really hate you and we outsource to the phillipines.)

If it's any comfort, TW blows on the east coast, too.

Our apartment complex rep dropped off our cable box and modem and told us to call him if we had any problems.
Their DVR service is such a dysfunctional P.O.S. that we prefer sitting down to watch shows at the time they air, commercials and all.

I live in eastern Washington and TW is the only choice I have. Not only do the usually schedule at least a week ahead when I have a problem but on multiple occasion they haven't shown up and they didn't call. Get 'em.

Story time!:

When my bf and I first moved into our apt., we were going to get TWC just because it is cheaper and easier. However, on the day they were supposed to come and install it, I waited at home all morning, and missed their phone call by less than a minute (while in the potty). When I called the person back, seriously, like 30 sec. later, they said I had to reschedule because I "missed" my appointment. So the bf and I decided to get DirecTV (even though a little more expensive, and we have an ugly dish on a tripod on our balcony that we have to take in if it gets too windy... still better than Time Warner). However, we kept rescheduling TWC appointments, and then when the guy got out here, we'd say we weren't home. We kept rescheduling for like 3 weeks before they got the hint. Certainly made me feel better ;)