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Dude, it’s simple math — just wash the fucking dishes

math-problem.jpgIf your girlfriend is batshit crazy and asks you to do the dishes. You do them. Simple equation really:

fucking nuts + request to do chore = done and done

Because if you change the equation ever so slightly, you get a decidedly different answer:

fucking nuts + request to do chore + chore not done = shoulder bite + broken picture frame to face + sword

Ms. Batshit Crazy was, needless to say, arrested.

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Great story. What a weak pimp hand, though.

Anyway, that graphic there? Fun and all, though I've seen it with "evil" instead of "problems" (as in "money is the root of all evil"). Except, you know, saying women are evil makes you sound 1) childish, 2) fundamentalist, or 3) gay.

Love...hee hee


Time AND Money = Time + Money

No wonder we're in a financial mess.

.... + sword? Jesus :-P.