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Let’s Decide this Once and For All …

In the clip above (around the one minute mark), does John McCain actually say “horseshit”? It looks kind of like it, and it sounds kind of like it. But, surely he wouldn’t. Or would he?

Let’s just pretend he did. It makes for a much better story. I mean, that’s what McCain does. If it’s not true, he just pretends it is, and then runs an ad declaring it so. That’s horseshit we can believe in!

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Def does.

I think so too. PLEASE tell me John Stewart has/will pick up on this :P

He says it. No question. The real question: if you think FCC obscenity fines are "horseshit," is it too overwhelmingly hypocritical to start a gleeful letter campaign?

Faux-righteous indignation is just so in these days, you know? Of course, this would fall under "fleeting and isolated," but why should I be subject to logic and cool-headedness? It seems like McCain isn't.

I'm impressed McCain TV ads haven't used the word openly... yet.

While "horseshit" might make a great story, to me it sounds like McCain is trying to start an interjection "Of course [I would]" - he does this twice...

At 1:03 he says "Course" and then again at 1:06. Seems like he was trying to speak during breaks in Obama's answer.

But I'm perfectly willing to be convinced that I'm full of horseshit.

This is just too easy:

fill in the info and let them know that Senator McCain used the profanity "horseshit" on nationally broadcasted television.


Absolutely. I watched the whole debate, and most of what McCain said was horseshit.