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Douchebags for McCain!

schilling.jpgDamn, McCain. Huckabee gets Chuck Norris to do a television spot for him, and all you can fetch is freakin’ Curt Schilling. They don’t even like Schilling in Boston, man, and he won them two World Series. How huge a douchebag do you have to be to be loathed by an entire city even after you break an 86-year-old curse? A Schilling-sized douchebag, that’s how big. What, was Alex Rodriquez unavailable John? Or are you secretly hoping to lose the G.O.P. primary so you can finally move into that assisted living facility you’ve had your eye on for years?

Here’s the spot, suggesting that McCain has a “backbone of steel.” And in a few months, he can finally rest it on a soft, warm bed where illegal immigrants can change his diaper and bring him a never-ending supply of Scotch.