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Don’t you know who I am, brother?

hulkster.jpg“I’m the Hulkster, brother! And when I come into court to testify, my word is bond. And you better watch out brother, because this is my word — when you ask the Hulkster to take off his trademark bandanna and testify with his thinning hair exposed to the world, well that’s when the Hulkster and his Hulkamaniacs will run wild on you brother!”

Thankfully, when the Hulkster was recently in court testifying on his son’s behalf, this speechifying didn’t come to pass because the court didn’t bother to ask him to remove his bandanna, even though head coverings generally aren’t allowed in the courtroom. They say it was because he came in late and there was lots going on. I say it’s cause they were afraid of what the Hulkster would unleash. Brother.