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The Anti-Smoking Crazies Go Overboard

antimsok.jpgIn at least one county in Florida, government workers not only suffer from Florida-itis, but their misery will now be compounded by nicotine deprivation:

Smokers looking for work need not apply with the Sarasota County government. On Monday, a tobacco-free hiring policy went into affect for all new job applicants. The policy requires anyone applying for a job with the county to acknowledge that they have not smoked in the last 12 months. All applicants will also be screened for tobacco use during a new-hire physical exam.
If the screening indicates the applicant has the presence of nicotine above a specified amount, the applicant will not be considered for a job. Sarasota County adopted this new policy after years of research revealed the negative effects of nicotine in the workplace. According to the 1997-2001 study, cigarette smoking was responsible for billions in health-related economic losses and a drain on productivity.

You know what else causes “billions in health-related economic losses and a drain on productivity?” Fat people. Why doesn’t Sarasota County prohibit employees from eating fast food, then?

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You know what else causes "billions in health-related economic losses"...Healthy people that live for decades past their retirement getting weaker and more disabled, but won't fucking die.

hahaha, iamorangepeels! That's pretty funny. True, too. Especially since most of the really old and demented ones are in nursing homes on medicaid long term care.

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Dudes what is up with the spam? Its funny that they keep trying to make the spam relevant to the posts but damn how much longer?