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Don’t mess with Texas schools

prison-jumpsuit.jpgA recent school board meeting in Gonzales, Texas got so heated that the cops had be called in. What’s the hubbub about? Seems that the local school district issued a new dress code recently, banning cargo pants and requiring collared shirts, among other things.

Harmless enough.

But those who don’t comply with the new dress code may be forced to put on prison-style jumpsuits, in the form of blue coveralls ordered from the company that makes jumpsuits for the Texas prison system.

District officials have emphasized that the coveralls are only an option aimed at allowing students to comply with the dress code and remain in the classroom. Parents can still bring students a change of clothes or students may still go to in-school suspension.

Look — school isn’t a place for freedoms. We all know that. And if takes putting some kids in prison clothes to remind them of that, well, some lesson get learnt hard.

As for the complaints that the prison jumpsuits come complete with their own hidden shivs, well that sounds like a legitimate concern….