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Diane Court Would Not Approve

Like every woman in America, I’ve had a crush on John Cusack for the last two decades, only I’m not a woman, and it’s more of an envy thing. Unfortunately, he’s starting to get on my nerves lately — I’ve learned some not so nice things about him personally, and the more he gets involved with politics, the more he starts to grate. And on the anti-Iraq war movie front, Grace is Gone was fantastic, but War, Inc. was pretty embarrassing.

At any rate, the man has decided, to my chagrin, to jump head first into politics, which pretty much puts him on the same level as Tim Robbins and Sean Penn. I don’t know why, but good actors who use their celebrity to endorse or attack candidates suddenly become completely insufferable to me. I’ll still see their movies, of course, but an ability to act makes them no less annoying. I say, either put your money where your pompous mouth is and run for office, or shut the fuck up, and I don’t care who you’re supporting.

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Just a thought, but isn't he simply speaking to people who might listen on a matter that he feels is important?

And isn't that what you do here on this blog?

I know what you mean about actors and politics, but then again, I expect people of every trade probably have their two cents that they would like to share with the world.

Like I said...just a thought...

What personal things about him, I'd be curious to know.

And I couldn't agree more overall with actors going all political, just annoying. Yet I still give Cusack more leeway, doesn't he blog at Huffington Post? I've never read his stuff, maybe its not as insufferable as it could be.