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…And the Award for Grand Poobah of Stupidity Goes To…

a-trophy.gif…Fandi Pradipta, who basically held out his arms and asked the cops to cuff him.

Police say a Dover, New Hampshire, teen suspected of using a stolen credit card at a store left a pretty good clue to his identity by filling out a job application at the same store.
Fandi Pradipta, 18, pleaded guilty Tuesday to using a stolen card at a store in the Fox Run Mall in Newington.
Police said Pradipta made the investigation easier because he had been at the home of the card owner the day before it was reported stolen, then after using the card, he filled out a complete job application — name, address, telephone number.

Congratulations, Fandi. And as you’re reward, you receive a fine, a suspended sentence, and national public disgrace.