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David Adkins finds a way to once again be culturally relevant, sort of

sinbad.jpgYou might know David Adkins better as Sinbad, that hunky dude right over there. Jingle All the Way, Good Burger, Houseguest … he’s the bringer of joy into all of our lives. But lately, he’s been flying under the radar. All that’s changed now, however, as the California’s latest list of the state’s biggest tax evaders has been released. Because right there at number 7 on the list is Mr. Sinbad himself. Dude owes over $2.5 million to the state. He’s one of three celebrities on the list, with Dionne Warwick right on his tail in the number 9 spot, owing over $2.1 million (the third celebrity, Burt Reynolds, ranks a paltry 244, owing $225,000).

Number one on the list is a Mister Winson T Lee who owes the state a hefty $9.9 million! If I made enough money that I owed almost $10 million in taxes, I’d not only be paying my taxes, but I’d be bragging about it to everyone.

As for Sinbad, the most recent entry on his IMDB page is a 2008 flick called Cuttin Da Mustard. Sounds like someone needs to explain to Sinbad that not paying your taxes most certainly does not cut da mustard.

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I'm not saying that unrich people shouldn't have to pay taxes, but why is it that hard-up-low-income-food-stamp type people that don't pay their taxes have their licenses revoked and their bank accounts tapped by the government, but these super rich people just get put down on a list somewhere?

soooooo.... is Quizlaw dead now? What a bizarre image to go out on....

Nah, not dead. Just slow at the moment. Real world jobs and the like. Although I kinda dig going out with Sinbad.