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Damnit! Future Plan #259 Foiled

0815081driver1.jpgThe good thing about writin’ for QuizLaw is all the learnin I get from other folks who get caught for doin’ things I was a’plannin’ to do myself. Now I know they ain’t legal. I gets me a fine legal education just reading about others mistakes. Like this here Jennifer Rosenberg, the heartbreak over there to the right. She just turned 35, and for her birthday, she wanted to get liquored up at the ole watering hole. Only problem was, she din’t have no designated driver. So, she did what I reckon I woulda done had I not known no better. She asked her daughter to ferry her to the saloon. Only problem was, her youngin’ was only 12.

The Texas woman used her 12-year-old daughter as a designated driver so that she could be chauffeured to a Longview bar to celebrate her 35th birthday. Rosenberg was arrested Wednesday night after her child was pulled over by cops for a traffic violation (the girl told officers she had just dropped her mother off at a bar about two miles from their home). Longview Police Department officers responded to Leon’s Bar and Grill, where they arrested Rosenberg on a child endangerment charge, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Well, damn. I guess I’ll throw away yet another Post-It note with one of my brilliant idears. Course, my kid’s a boy, so I was only gonna wait til he was 10. Cause boy’s are better drivers. I reckon he’ll have to tote me on his bicycle handlebars now.