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Damn. Palin Can’t Even Get “SNL” Right

The good thing about the highest rated “SNL” episode in 14 years was that Tina Fey was still hilarious in her impersonation of Palin, and Amy Poehler’s Palin rap was, by far, the highlight of the show (Brolin wasn’t so bad, either). But, come on: Sarah Palin added nothing. She basically stood there and watched herself get mocked. She made no contribution whatsoever, except for those knee-high leather boots she was wearing at the end of the show (my eyeballs popped a little).

Man: If she’d had the cajones to actually do that Palin rap herself, I wouldn’t have switched my vote or anything, but I’d have respected the woman a hell of a lot more. Raising the roof while someone mocks you, however, doesn’t exactly make you presidential material. So, boo on Palin.

BWE said it best:

I thought I had respect for you, but now I wonder, is it possible to have respect for someone who so clearly does not respect herself? Because who on earth, with any shred of dignity, would allow themselves to be humiliated like this on live television? Usually we reserve that privilege for reality show contestants. But you’re running for Vice President of the United States of America. And no, this is NOT the same as other candidates, past and present, who have successfully poked fun at themselves on the late night comedy circuit (with the end result being that they seem more human and accessible). I’ve got news for you Sarah: it’s not self-deprecation when you allow others to do the deprecating. Especially when that metaphorical ass-raping is taking place just 10 feet away from you while you’re boppin’ your head, smiling like a dope, and even singing along at points. … Instead of appearing strong and in control of your own destiny, you looked like a damn fool up there.

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Well, she is a maverick, she's used to take shots from left and right. And raising raisin' the roof at the same time.

By the way, Dustin (and every gringo out there):
Cajones = drawers. Mi pistola está en uno de esos cajones.
Cojones = balls. Ven a lamer mis cojones, puta esquimal.

you know who's the sexiest woman on stage that night?

Amy Poehler.

...except for those knee-high leather boots she was wearing at the end of the show (my eyeballs popped a little).

You sure you meant eyeballs?

I agree Jackseppelin! Amy Poehler Rocks!

I still don't like Palin. She is NOT a maverick. I'm sick of that word as much as I hate Joe the plumber.

Country First? Snort...dividing the country by accusing Obama of being a Muslim terrorist. Dividing the country by claiming that parts of the country are Pro-American. LMAO.