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Curses Republicans. Curses!

t1home.cheneyobama.gi.jpgAnd you thought the phone bank scandal that the Bush folks pulled on McCain in 2000 was a dirty trick? The G.O.P. gets much nastier, folks. In fact, this week, the Vice President’s wife, Lynn Cheney, all but ended Barack Obama’s presidential aspirations with one single revelation that will do more to harm Barack Hussein Obama than even his fascist middle name.

But could it be possible that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and Vice President Dick Cheney share a common ancestor?
Cheney’s wife Lynne says yes.
In an interview on MSNBC Tuesday afternoon, Mrs. Cheney said that in the course of researching her husband’s genealogy for her new book, “Blue Skies, No Fences,” she discovered that the two public figures share an ancestor eight generations ago.

Oh, man. That is a low blow lady. What’d Barack ever do to you, huh? You’re still bitter over that Jon Stewart interview last week, aren’t you? Don’t take it out on Obama, wench. This is not cool — you’ve tainted Barack Obama irreparably. I’m certainly not going to vote for him anymore. If those two have a common ancestors, it’s only a matter of time before the Vader rears his ugly personality within Obama’s heart.

It’s a good thing, too, that Dick Cheney isn’t running for anything next year. There’s no way the Republican faithful would vote for a candidate who was related to a black man.