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Crazy White Obama Preacher More Entertaining than the Crazy Black One

I have no idea what’s offensive about this guy, or even what was offensive about what he said. It was clearly in jest, but I think there’s probably some truth to it, nevertheless. And if whitey hates anything, it’s being made fun of by a white preacher in a black church. Turncoat!

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Well. As a feminist, privileged, entitled-as-fuck Southern liberal white girl, I have to say...that was the BEST damn thing I have seen all month.

Dear god. I haven't agreed with a Catholic priest that much since I was 8. AWESOME.

As a minority who made it through college and law school on scholarships, I think that this was dumbest thing I've ever seen.

This is the religious version of Vanilla Ice.

It was hilarious and truthful... Pfelger has a lot of integrity... respect him!!!