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Common Sense Lesson #158

urinate.jpgDon’t pee on old people.

The mother of a 13-year-old autistic boy who was banned by a court order from attending services at a Roman Catholic church in Bertha, Minn., woke up Sunday determined to take her son to mass.
But Carol Race changed her mind when Todd County Sheriff Pete Mikkelson met her at the end of her driveway Sunday and told her she would be arrested if she brought her son, Adam, into the Church of St. Joseph.She is scheduled to appear in court today over a citation she received last week for violating the restraining order by taking Adam to church on Mother’s Day.
The Rev. Daniel Walz, who did not return calls left at the Church of St. Joseph parish office, wrote in court documents that Adam’s behavior was “extremely disruptive and dangerous.” He alleged that Adam, who is more than 6 feet tall and weighs over 225 pounds, spits and urinates in church and has nearly injured children and elderly people.

Not included in the article are unsubstantiated reports that the overly litigious church is also suing an Alzheimer’s patient for forgetting to bring donuts to coffee hour.

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As much as charity and compassion are at issue, it's not fair to the other parishioners to be constantly disturbed during their worship. It's sad for the family, but really, why take him to church? What are the chances that he really understands what's going on? If they're worried about his immortal soul, they can teach him the same lessons on their own time and have the sacraments taken care of privately. And if "South Park" has taught me anything, it's that the mentally handicapped go to Heaven, anyway (also that gingers are evil).

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that a photo of one of the famous douches who peed on the Canadian War Memorial one drunken Canada Day not so many years back, and caused one hell of a panty-twisted outrage in the media?


Amused Ottawa Local

WHOA! If you read the second page of the article, the mother points out that when the pastor said her son "urinates in church" he was referring to the fact that her son is incontinent. I would say that the two are very different, and that the picture that you have up of the man peeing on the war memorial is in bad taste considering that you're making fun of an handicapped 13 year-old who wets himself. Would you post that same picture if the boy had Down's Syndrome instead of Autism?

Look up "autism"--it means neither "deaf" nor "stupid". No, he shouldn't be spitting, but I'm quite certain he does know what's going on.

Yeah, I'm thinking overly litigious, too.

Yes, parishioners have a right to be at Mass undisturbed, but come on, the boy is autistic. Didn't Jesus always reach out to the marginalized members of society? It doesn't matter whether he can or can't understand (many autists are very high intelligence and just because they're locked out of our way of communicating doesnt mean they don't understand), he has a right to be at Mass with his mother. It strikes me that the mother has an ADA case here.

My son has autism and I don't take him to church simply because it IS a disturbance to others. It does him absolutely no good to be there, as he is completely unaware of what is going on anyway. He's not a savant, can't count cards, play piano or do any of the other extraordinary things you see in movies. He's just in his own little world and sometimes can't deal with all of the stimuli from ours, so he acts out.
And don't give me any bullsh*t about how just "being there" is doing something for his soul... No one wins in this situation, she should just find someone to watch him for an hour and go by herself if she's that concerned about going to hell.