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Common Sense Lesson #136

camera.jpgOk, so last week we talked about leaving your cell phone at home when you decide to commit a robbery. Well, here’s a related follow-up that we shouldn’t have to elucidate, but since this is a common sense lesson and all…

Like, when you’re going out to rob some shit and stuff, dude - you should like totally leave the digital camera at home. Cause, you know, you might could forget it and leave it behind at the house you’re robbing, especially when you’re focusing on the $800 bottles of wine and fancy-schmancy scotch, you know? And like, then, when the cops find the camera and look at the pictures, they totally have your picture and can show it to people and go, like, “he’s the suspect, do you know who he is and where we can find him and stuff?” And then if you get arrested, that’s totally gonna’ ruin the bitchin’ buzz you had going from all the expensive booze you just stole. Know what I’m saying?