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Common Sense Lesson #133

cellphone.jpgYesterday’s lesson was not to use Google for “how to commit murder” just before actually, you know, committing murder. Today’s lesson is bit more complicated, insofar as it has two parts. First, when you’re going out to commit robbery, unless you absolutely need it, leave your cell phone at home kids. Second, if you take your cell phone anyway and happen to leave it at the place you robbed, don’t go back for it.

That’s the lesson 18-year-old Garrett Nichols learned on Tuesday morning. Seems he robbed a house and somehow left his cell behind. Unbeknownst to him, the cops had already been called about the robbery and found his cell phone. And they just so happened to be there about a half-hour later when Nichols showed up for his cell. So things didn’t turn out so well for the young man.

And get this - mastermind criminal Garrett Nichols was already on the cops “to do” list as he was suspected of another burglary. He’s since confessed to robbing four homes.

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Speaking of To-Do lists, common sense lesson 134 must be don't kill your wife and keep a to-do list detailing the chore in your FEMA trailer. http://lawprofessors.typepad.com/legal_profession/2007/01/dont_kill_your_.html