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Common Sense Has No Place in Legal Briefs!


(Courtesy Daily Legal Cartoons, with a hat tip to Legal Antics)

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Just thinking about the Bluebook makes me upset.

An intern asked me if we had a copy in our office and I came really close to just telling him to get the hell out.

the year I took research and writing, they taught us ALWD, because that book was gaining acceptance in the academic world. I don't know if it has, but they only taught it one year, which really made it a pain when applying for law review and dealing with stuck-ups yearning for their small caps.

As the resident cite checker at my firm, my Bluebook is well-worn.

I too was taught ALWD my first year, only to have to scramble to learn the Bluebook at the end of that year when writing on to the Law Review. For the next year after that I incessantly complained about having to have learned ALWD as I tried to purge it from my mind while checking Law Review footnotes. I'm not particularly a fan of either system and was greatly relieved in my 2L summer to end up at a firm that pretty much went by the philosophy in the cartoon.