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Car Surfer Catches Nasty Wave; Wipes Out

easy-rider1.jpgThere’s a huge, ugly hidden danger lurking in towns and cities all across these United States, one right underneath your nose. They’re called “speed bumps,” and they’re endangering the youth of America:

An 18-year-old man using a shopping cart to “car surf” was killed when a Cadillac sport utility vehicle he was holding onto hit a speed bump and threw him to the ground, according to authorities.
Troopers said Cameron Bieberle, 18, of Winter Park, was killed when he hit the ground Sunday.
He was riding alongside a Cadillac Escalade, sitting in the cart and hanging onto the side,” said Kim Miller, spokeswoman for the Florida Highway Patrol. “The Escalade hit a speed bump and he was ejected.”

It’s time that we, as citizens of this great country of ours, did something about the dangers posed by these horrible nuisances. I implore all of you to write and call your Congressman, organize protests, and donate your time and services so that we can remedy this danger.

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I saw this on the "news" this morning and I was wiating for you to post it all day. But. I can't believe you didn't mention that this was in Florida!

What IS it with teenage boys and shopping carts? It's like they're magnetically attracted! Oh the stories I could tell you about my brother and his dumb friends, WAY before Jackass was ever invented.

Stupid is what stupid does

Jeez. How sheltered must this kids life have been for him to think this was a smart thing to do.

that should be "kid's". *shame*