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beer.jpgWhatever man. Just cause a few college kids can’t hold their booze, you gotta take away the fun for everyone?

In Minnesota, four kids have died since last fall in alcohol-related incidents, so a state legislator wants to get rid of drink specials, putting the kibosh on bottomless beer cups and drink specials for ladies. Which is just ridiculous because what the hell is one supposed to do in the cold winter months in Minnesota but drink themselves stupid? And some college kids have to drink on a budget, so if you cut them off at the knees like this, where is that going to leave them?

Out in the damn cold, that’s where. Representative Morrie Lanning hates the kids!

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As a midwestern college student (not in Minnesota, but it's still fucking cold in Wisconsin), I personally want give the middle finger to Morrie Lanning for trying to do this to my western brothers and sisters.