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Way to suck the fun out of it

florida-county-map.gifFlorida strikes again, with a little help from their friends in the Golden State.

Hundreds of Florida voters called officials Tuesday, asking when and where do they vote for the Super Tuesday primaries. Now this would have been an example of good citizenship. Except, this being Florida, these callers screwed up. Their particular primary was last week. That’s right. These folks called in a week late for their own primary.

Elections offices across the state are reporting hundreds of calls from voters wanting to know where they can vote today. The answer is that Florida already had its presidential primary — last week.
“We’ve had over 100 calls at least over the last two days,” said Kathy Adams, a spokesperson for the Palm Beach County Election Supervisor.
Closer to home, Orange County elections officials say they are dealing with a combination of confused voters from Florida and California.
“One of my staffers has figured it out,” said Orange County Election Supervisor Bill Cowles. “They are California voters going online and looking for the Orange County [California] election office and calling us instead.”

I just can’t make fun of Florida here. It is like they are trying to be mockingly ignorant, instead of the fun and often alcohol-fueled stupidity that usually crosses us. But I am sure a few commenters can find something to say….

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Ah, Florida, the dingleberry of the US. You let your chads hang, you couldn't work the electronic voting machines and now we find that you can't even figure out when to vote. I think you Floridians should just admit you need a keeper and give your electoral proxy to a smart state...like Mississippi maybe?

All that hot sun does that to those old people down there.