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But would a mouse be interested in those kind of nuts?

windyCityCaravello.jpgJohnny Knoxville, Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla are all being sued for over $10 million dollars by a guy named Perry Caravello. A few years back, Caravello was involved with a Comedy Central movie called Windy City Heat, unaware that the whole thing was basically one big gag on him. The flick was produced by Dakota Entertainment Inc., which Kimmel is in charge of. Caravello claims that he was never paid the money owed to him under the terms of this contract, including profits and royalties from DVD sales.

He also claims that Knoxville promised to pay him additional money to put his, uhm, “special purpose” in a mousetrap on Adam Carolla’s old television show, as a promotion for the DVD. Caravello apparently let his genitals be the cheese to Knoxville’s mousetrap, yet he alleges that he received none of the promised money. Instead, he got lots of humiliation when Carolla’s show filmed the event without his permission (if he agreed to do it for the DVD’s promotion and on Carolla‚Äôs show, how exactly was it without his permission?) and eventually landed on the good ol’ internets.

I recall watching Windy City Heat when Comedy Central initially aired it and, if you’ll pardon the pun, Caravello was a complete nutbag. So I’m not initially inclined to think there’s much merit to any part of his lawsuit, although I’m sure that Kimmel, Knoxville and Carolla will just toss some cash at Caravello just to get rid of him and his mousetrapped nuggets.