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But does she get her security deposit back?

laptop.jpgNeil Thompson Sr. is a professional landlord in the making. He, his brother and his brother’s girlfriend had all been sharing a house in Jacksonville for about a year. To the best of the girlfriend’s thinking, Thompson didn’t like that she ignored him. So while Thompson’s brother (that is, the girl’s boyfriend - you following?) was away on a business trip, Thompson got up in her grill and demanded she move out of the house. She said no. He yelled. She still said no. He went away.

Hoping to avoid further confrontation, the girlfriend took up her laptop and started playing a videogame. That’s when Thompson came back down and assumed the role of burgeoning landlord, giving her an official eviction notice.

Ah, but if you remember the introduction, I told you this house was located in Jacksonville. Florida, people! So, of course, Thompson’s eviction notice was only official insofar as you can officially evict someone by shooting their laptop. Yes sir, Thompson shot the laptop, spraying shards of computer into his brother’s girlfriend.

Needless to say, the girlfriend has temporarily moved out of the place, waiting for her boyfriend to get back from his business trip. Not that she necessarily has anything to worry about for the moment, since Thompson is currently sitting in the clink under charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.