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Bubba Will Smite Your Ass

whichisit.JPGA couple of things: First, as I’ve stated, I am fully on the Obama bandwagon — that said, I’m not keen on the way he’s been blowing off this plagiarism charge. He’s admitting to borrowing parts of this speech from his friend Deval Patrick, but he’s not really taking much responsibility, saying he probably should’ve attributed it to Patrick, but not doing so isn’t a “big deal.” That’s not what Joe Biden said when he was forced to drop out of the 1988 Presidential race because of charges that he’d stolen lines from a UK politician. I mean, lookit: Seth and I went to law school with someone who was suspended for an entire year for failing to appropriately footnote her law school thesis; Barack went to freakin’ Harvard Law School — hell, he was a law school professor, so he knows just how serious this is — you don’t fuck around with plagiarism. Likewise, Hillary can’t steal lines from her husband without attribution and then claim, as she’s been doing, that it’s different because they are husband and wife. That’s just bullshit. Attribute, people.

However, while we’re on the topic, Bill reminded me once again over the weekend why, by marital association, I had so much difficulty giving up on Hillary, as he got all self-righteous and red faced when a heckler went after him. I realize it turns a lot of folks off, but that Clintonian temper is one of the many things that turned me on to him — that’s fiery passion, motherfuckers. Check it out:

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See, if someone replaced Hillary with Bill-in-drag, then we would have a great Democratic race going.