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Blow me

breathalyzer.jpgMake of this what you will:

A customer asked a barista at an espresso stand to blow into her breathalyzer on Wednesday, and became upset when she was told no.
A Kitsap County sheriff’s deputy was called to the Natte Latte espresso stand at 3062 West State Highway 16 at about 11:03 a.m., reports said.
The employee told 911 dispatchers a 27-year-old Central Kitsap woman approached the stand and asked her to blow into the device, also known as an interlock device. The instruments are required by courts for people convicted of drunken driving. If a person has alcohol in their system detectable by the device, the car won’t start. The report said the woman is required to have the interlock device in her car.
The employee refused to blow in the device, which angered the woman, who bought a coffee anyway and sat in her car.
“She later came back and said that it was (the employee’s) fault that she now had to miss work in Seattle and then got into her car and left,” the report said.

It couldn’t be that being drunk at 11 am is what made you miss work, could it? Jeez.

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Oh, I grew up in this neck of the woods (and have traveled Hwy 16 many a time).

What I love is that my hometown peeps still BUY THE COFFEE from the uncooperative barrista. Way to support local business drunk lady! Well played indeed.