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Bill O’ loses his mind-o

billO.jpgBy now, you may have heard about the drunk driving accident that’s raising a big illegal immigration stink down in Virginia. Twenty-two year old Alfredo Ramos, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, caused a drunk driving accident that killed two teenage girls. A small uproar came about not simply because Ramos was an illegal immigrant, but because he had three prior convictions (a DUI and two public intoxication convictions) and several other legal run-ins, yet he was still out-and-about. Ramos now faces two charges of aggravated involuntary manslaughter and, if convicted, he’ll serve his jail time and then be deported once he’s released.

In the wake of this, Representative Thelma Drake, who represents Virginia Beach, plans to introduce legislation in the House “that would facilitate the identification of illegal immigrants who have been charged with crimes in U.S. courts.” This is similar to the “Scott Gardner Act,” which the House passed last year but which died in the Senate - that legislation would’ve required cops to gather information about immigrants while exercising their normal duties, and plug all that info into a federal database.

Anyway, Geraldo Rivera was on “The O’Reilly Factor” last week and, in video that has been all over the internets in the last few days, he and O’Reilly get into a heated argument. O’Reilly absolutely Hulks out in the clip, losing whatever rationality he arguably ever has to begin with and, even more amazingly, he makes Geraldo out to be the better man. The video is included after the jump, and it’s really worth a look if you haven’t seen it yet.

And in the wake of this video, Virginia Beach leaders have responded, calling O’Reilly a “TV show gadfly,” and noting, as Geraldo argued, that this case is really about drunk driving, not illegal immigration. And one of the victim’s fathers urged folks “not to treat the tragedy like ‘a political football.’”

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I have to say I agree with Bill here.

If the immigration laws were enforced, this guy wouldn't have been in a position to kill someone.

Trying to misdirect an immigration problem with a drunk driving issue is the side punting the "political football".

Exact same thought I had... someone managed to make Geraldo to be the better person, to look like the lesser jackass.

O'Reilly has it right, as usual. It doesn't surprise me that the left wing lawyers who run this site are too dense to get it. The issue is illegal immigration primarily and a drunk driving issue secondarily, because the immigration aspect is what makes it different from other drunk driving manslaughter cases.

I cannot agree more. Drunk driving is a victimless crime when measured against the utter heinousness that is illegal immigration. Heck, our President has been known to engage in a little drunk driving himself, so how bad can it be?

Oh great, now I'm getting all misty and patriotic again. Puppies! Eagles! Apple pie!

Billy Boy's ratings must be hurting. Stick to beating up on Rosie and leave my nanny,
my gradner and my pool men alone.
Oreilly made Geraldo look like a genious.

Al Salas

Wow, O'Reilly is so out of control there! And despite what the previous posters say, he's completely wrong. Much as it pains me to agree with Geraldo, his point is well made.

I have never had so much respect for Geraldo Rivera in my life.

O'Reilly is exactly how Stephen Colbert portrays him on the saterical Colbert Report. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the Fox studios had to raise the ceilings so O'Reilly's head won't keep leaving forehead divots in it.

O'Reilly was totally out of control. His tactics are well known, he tries to intimidate his guest by shouting at them. When guests intellectually outpoint him he resorts to name calling, screaming and cutting off their mics. His ratings are based on contaversy and hatred. He accuses others of what he has mastered and employs in his arguments. Both Geraldo % O'Reilly made legitimate arguments although I agree with Rivera. O'Reilly was making a cheap political trick to arouse the basic inherent racist sentiments of right wing Conservative Republicans.

I will be amazed if the City of Virginia Beach and its mayor don't file suit against O'Reilly. He has misrepresented so much of this story--including the fact that the driver's previous conviction for DUI was in ANOTHER city! The only previous charge against him in Virginia Beach was a $25 ticket for being drunk in public--a misdemeanor. Obviously, no mayor has the authority to deport someone, and from what I understand, federal immigration officials do not have the time or resources to mess around with illegal aliens who commit misdemeanors. If anything, O'Reilly should be fussing about that. But I guess that might entail criticizing the FEDERAL executive branch...and we all know he won't go there.

i can't believe that o'reilly spews such crap and defends the crap that comes out of his mouth. the fact that i have to agree with geraldo is upsetting enough in and of itself. it is a tragedy what these two families must go through now, mourning their daughters, but to be thrown into the political ring, to be used as puppets by the right wing agenda, is a sick, irresponsible thing. as an illegal immigrant, no he should not have been there. but he was, and there are illegals in every corner of our country, our country is a melting pot. but the immigration issue in this case is moot. the problem is that this man was driving drunk. that he took two lives.
cheap tactics. "you with teenage daughters" cheap.
i'm curious how o'reilly's family came to the country. anyone willing to look and post for me?

Geraldo is right. People lost their lives due to a "person" driving intoxicated. I agree whole heartedly that anyone who resides in our nation from other countries should do so according to the federal law and guidelines. But, people lose their lives everyday due to drunk drivers so why isn't Bill concerned about those people too. Bottom line is that Bill and FOX news are racist conservatists who saw an opportunity to make this situation into a political melee because the person responsible is an illegal alien. Well Bill, here in Mississippi four small children were killed in an auto accident on the Natchez Trace due to the negligence of a white teen driving under the influence of alcohol. That incident never made national news probably because the driver wasn't an illegal alien and in Bill's and FOX's pathetic world it's ok for drunk drivers to kill innocent people just as long as they're not illegal aliens.

O'Reilly is correct. Illegal is NOT LEGAL. If you or I did something illegal you better believe we would pay dearly and hauled away and pay the penalty. This has nothing to do with race. It is a legal citizens right to protest the behavior of letting this mess get so out of control. This has been going on for years and our government has been lax in dealing with this problem. They spend more time campaigning than they do working on the problems this nation has. The people have to let it be known to them that this immigration problem needs immediate attention...Stop talking and do something about it.

While I agree with Geraldo here, consideration must be given to the fact that this individual was convicted of previous crimes on U.S. soil (at tax payer expense),did not serve any jail time and was not deported as he should have been. On the other hand, isn't it good old American greed that allows these individuals to remain?

Question? Did the person have a legal driver's license?

So in spite of the fact tha the pertinent people actually involved in the situataion have declared that this is a drunk driving issue and NOT an immigration issue, the Bill O' Lielly fans still adamantly cling to the oppposite. Is there some part of reality that frightens you ? Is it the part about the truth, perhaps?

I totally Agree with Bill on all the Subjects
he has had and to Put Rosie OUT.
The Bitc* doesn't derserve to be on TV . Put her with Ellen Degenrate. And Let them Muff Dive together.

O'Reilly is the Undisputed King of the American mediocraty.
He provides a fitting cover and distraction for the millions of uninformed and uneducated who have just recently been robbed of Three Trillion dollars by the present War Profiteers. He keeps these folk so hyped up that they can't even tell where thier problems stem from. O'Reilly and his Fasciast rantings have done thier job. Simple uninformed folk often hold open the door to the very world destroying monsters they fear.

Geraldo is right. It is a drunken driving issue. If it was an illegal Canadian it probably wouldn't have made the news. But, since it was a "Mexican illegal" it did. But, because a person is here illegally you would think that they would be "more carefull" knowing that they will be deported. If we were in Mexico illegally and caught having done the same crime, we would be paying the price with no mercy. So that man needs to be deported. Kicked out. Given the boot. After he pays the price. Chances are that he won't pay a price at home. (It's sort of like sneaking into your brother's bedroom as a child, but worse, when you know you are not allowed and might get caught, so you're extra carefull not to mess up because you know that you will be in terrible trouble.) I'm sorry that the girls lives were taken by a "drunken driver" no matter where he was born. He got "caught," and now he has to pay. I can understand Bill's argument also, that it wouldn't have happened, had he been deported prior to this. But that is hindsight. For us we have a 3 strikes you're out but for illegals it should be 1 strike and you're out. Geraldo and Bill are to passionate men who both believe they are right and both are right.

When you strip away all of the politics on both sides, it still doesn't erase the fact that if that individual (drunk driver) had not been physically in the country on that day, those killed in the car accident would be alive

Bill is right on the money as usual If the ILL

Illegal was not in this country the 2 little girls would still be alive . He should have been deported the first time . That Scum Bag Mayor and Police Chief should have been sued for this .

Hey dh - that "scumbag mayor and police chief" don't have the ability to deport anyone. Only the federal government can deport people. Moron.

shhh. don't mention the fact that because of his illegal status he's gotten by with more than a legal citizen. imagine how the parents feel and what kind of recourse do they have when it comes to shhhhh an illegal. heraldo is turning a blind eye.
i agree with bill!