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Beep Beep

road-r.gifUp in New Hampshire, where the state motto is “Get off my goddamn lawn you little punk,” a man has decided that the best way to avoid more speeding tickets is to sue the state and compel it to raise the speed limits.

Larry Lemay, who has been ticketed four times for speeding in the last year, is suing, claiming that speed limits are set intentionally low as a means to collect revenue. “The state is making a lot of money doing this, and I want it stopped,” he said. “It’s wrong.” Lemay is also insisting that the state pay his speeding fines, which amount to over $1800.

Meanwhile in the state of Washington, a woman is attempting to sue her state, claiming that the legal blood alcohol limit is set arbitrarily low. She asserts that the BAC limit ought to be set by one’s individual liver. “If my shchliver shays I can driver, then beep beep. Get outta my way, duckies. I gotta take a leak.” Unfortunately, the woman passed out in a puddle of her own vomit on the courthouse steps before she could file her suit.

Hat tip: Overlawyered.