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“I Want to Defy / The Logic of All Sex Laws”

sexlaws.jpgYou wanna make a quick buck! Is your wallet aching for a little green? Are your pockets screaming for for some cold, hard cash? Tired of spending hours a day filling out online surveys for pennies? Hate the prospect of earning $9 an hour to “save the environment?” Well, have I got a scam for you. An easy three-step process that any married man can pull off.

First, make sure your marriage is a sham — a loveless, useless marriage of convenience. Second, tell your wife you want to “spice up” your marriage by having her sleep with random men and women (you can even watch!). And finally, wait until your wife falls in love with one of the men you’ve asked her to sleep with. Then: Bam! Sue the bastard for alienation of affection.

At least that’s what one Illinois man has done. Arthur Friedman (above, with his wife) used a little-known law (only available in eight states) to sue her wife’s lover, German Blinov (pictured on the inset). And guess what? He won! Nearly $5,000.

Arthur Friedman denies he had sex with anyone else, though Natalie Friedman described their trysts in detail — including four-way sex in a hot tub with Blinov and another woman.
“That’s what he said would keep our marriage going,” she said in an interview. “That was exciting to him. Then he cries about losing his love? When I’m having sex with another person?”

Dude got to have four-way sex in a hot tub and win $5,000? Those aren’t sad tears, lady. Those are happy tears.