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Because the 190th Time is the Charm

190th_time_250.jpgHow do you stay out of jail long enough to even be arrested 190 times?

Police say a 46-year-old man was arrested for the 190th time in Florida last week.
Authorities arrested Henry Farrell after he tried to carjack a man outside a Boca Raton coffee shop. Police said Farrell threatened to kill the man after he refused to give Farrell a ride.
Officer Sandra Boonenberg, a police spokeswoman, said authorities have spent years dealing with Farrell, who “lives locally and apparently likes Boca Raton.”

Let’s assume that Farrell began getting arrested when he was 18. He’s 46 now, which means that he’s arrested at a clip of something like 6.7 times per year. With a record that long, and jail sentences that — you’d imagine — would increase in length after each arrest, how does this even happen?

I guess there’s no three strikes rule in Florida.

(H/T Ranylt)

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But he promises that this will be the last time.

It almost sounds like Florida has got a bad case of the Canadian justice system.

Are they sure his name wasn't Otis?

He should make a video with all of his mugshots, like that one where the guy took one picture a day for like, 5 years.

You know, except instead of showing how his age has progressed it would show his increasing level of failure.

Haven't you ever heard of Henry Earl? He's been arrested at least 1000 times. Google him. It's all real, I've met the guy.