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Barack Obama is a Mack Daddy; Born Trash

Watch! as Sean Hannity blows a gasket defending Obama. No. Really. (After the 30 second introduction, the action starts at 4:30).

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No, asshole, NO ONE is born evil, NO ONE is born "trash" in the way that you say it.

Hannity hits the nail on the head here- it's perfectly ok to disagree with someone's policies and their views, but it's never ok to hate someone for who their parents and grandparents are, or where they come from. This so-called "reverend" is doing what every other butt-fucking religious douchebag does, using the bible as a crutch to spew hate and ignorance to the public. How sad that these kinds of people are thought of as leaders of their community, and in some cases, their entire race.

I will NOT sit here and let this...this...this nimcompoop denounce Obama Girl! For your information, Rev. Stick-Up-His-Ass, that "big-chested white woman" brought herself out voluntarily, thankyewverymuch! And why in the world would he disclaim that?

Man, so Hannity does have some civility rattling around in that head? Color me impressed.

If you would have said last week that I would ever agree w/ Sean Hannity, I would have laughed.

Looks like I was wrong. Maybe his heart grew three sized in the last couple of weeks?