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Awww, C’mon!

knocked-up.jpgJesus Christ – it’s like they just smell the lawsuit, and come crawling out of the woodwork like rabid termites in need of a litigation fix. The latest preposterousness to hit the courtrooms is Canadian author Rebecca Eckler’s lawsuit against Judd Apatow. Eckler is claiming that Apatow stole the idea for his successful (and hilarious) movie, Knocked Up, from her book.

The similarities? Well, Knocked Up is about a reporter for E! who gets drunk and has a one night stand, which results in her pregnancy. Eckler’s 2004 novel is about a newspaper reporter who gets drunk and knocked up after celebrating her engagement party.

And that’s basically where the similarities end – a reporter gets drunk and pregnant. Hey! That’s an original premise – people get drunk and accidentally knocked up in the real world only once every 15.1 seconds, I’d guess – though, the drunken pregnancy rates for reporters decreases dramatically to around once every half hour. Why isn’t Eckler also suing every soap opera, every other television drama, and every third television comedy for stealing that premise?

What’s next? Will every Dad who has ever written about their daughter’s wedding come crawling out of sewer grates foaming at the mouth, carrying legal papers, and confronting Steve Martin, claiming that Father of the Bride was their idea? Hey! My daughter got married. We even hired a wedding planner! Give me a $1 million.

I mean, c’mon people. And Eckler – you’re Canadian. I thought Canadians had more sense than that? Do you actually think that you and your goddamn book are so special that a man responsible for some of the best comedies to come out of Hollywood these last few years would steal from you? Give me a freakin’ break.

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But that's not personal bias on your part or anything right?